midwestchopper asked:

Hello! I have three helix piercings on each ear and I was wondering, how would I effectively perform a soak on them? I can make the solution fine, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to actually soak my piercings because of the placement.


What I did when I had helix piercings is I’d put the soak in a bowl (like a cereal bowl, though it could work with a more…ear-sized container), warm it up, put it on a table, turn on the TV, and dip my ear into it. New soak for your other ear, repeat. Have a paper towel ready to dry off the side of your face/ear because the whole thing will probably be wet.

Pick a table that is a good height for your head/neck because the neck cramping will be uncomfortable if not.


Anyone else have a good way to do this?

I use a wide shot glass or whiskey glass, mix my solution in it, then dip my ear into it. I tilt my head back up and hold the glass against my head. I did that for my plugs all the time, and my helix and it worked fine for me. Just be careful not to move your hand